Fundraising with Winkler Meats

Fundraising made easy with Winkler Meats



Do you work with an organization that does fundraising? Are you looking for an effective fundraiser that's easy to put on, rewarding, and benefits everyone involved?

Winkler Meats has a Manitoba-grown fundraiser that ticks all the right boxes - our products are popular, of excellent quality, and easy to sell. They will keep your clients coming back for more. Our fundraising programs benefit your organization, are easy to implement, and produce results. Your organization will receive 25% of the total product sales.

We offer a selection of Winkler Meats products for organizations all over Manitoba for their fundraising program, including

  • Farmer Sausage Skinless 500 g                   
  • Farmer Sausage Mini 500 g                          
  • Farmer Sausage Slices 500 g                        
  • 1.5 kg Variety Box  - 1 of all above products                          
  • 3 kg Variety Box- 2 of all above products                
  • NEW Farmer Sge. With Cheese Minis 500g                           
  • NEW Farmer Sge. With Cheese Patties 500g                         
  • Old Fashioned Garlic Fine 450g                  
  • Winklers Breakfast Sausage 450g                              
  • All Beef Dog 5's Bomber (5pieces/pkg)                   
  • Diamond Dog Pork  (10pieces/pkg)                          
  • Winkler 1Kg Ham                             
  • Valley Lea Berkshire Sliced Bacon 1kg                      
  • Valley Lea Berkshire Ground Pork 500g         


Winkler Meats is proud to support local schools and community groups. If you would like to put our products to the test in your next campaign, contact Tina Gould at Winkler Meats today, by email at