About Us

Who We Are

Winkler Meats first emerged in 1964, and our growth has been steady and swift since then. With each stride forward, we've introduced a range of new products under the Winkler Meats label, from our signature smoked leg hams to our flavourful coarse ham garlic sausage, alongside various other deli delights. Yet, amidst this expansion, our traditional farmer sausage remains a steadfast favourite among our customers.


At Winkler Meats, we take immense pride in our expertise in custom processing, particularly in the realm of specialty meats like our line of Berkshire pork produced under the Valley Lea Farms brand. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship is unwavering, ensuring that every slice and every bite is a testament to our dedication.


Today, you'll find Winkler and Valley Lea Farms brand products gracing the shelves of chain and independent grocery stores, filling the menus of restaurants, and adding flavour to the experience at various sporting venues across Western Canada. 


What We Do

At Winkler Meats, our commitment is to craft superior-quality meat products using only the finest Canadian ingredients. We are dedicated to sourcing 100% Canadian meat, ensuring each bite delivers unmatched quality and integrity.

Our wieners, smokies, and sausages are made without any added by-products, upholding the purity and excellence you expect. Additionally, all our products are MSG-free and crafted to be gluten-free, meeting a variety of dietary needs.