Established in 1964

Winkler Meats is a federally inspected abattoir regulated by the Canadian Foods Inspection Agency and the HACCP program. Our processing is held to the highest standards ensuring a high quality and gluten free product. Sold across Western Canada in a variety of chain and independent stores, you can find our label served in quality restaurants across the country.

Winkler Meats is also a proud partner of Winnipeg Goldeyes, Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Winnipeg Jets. We also support our local Junior A Hockey Team - WInkler Flyers.

Management recognizes its role as a community player and supports local organizations and projects. Winkler Meats has partnered with MCC Meat Canning Project since the year 2000.

At Winkler Meats we pride ourselves on creating premium, high quality meat products made with the finest ingredients. Winkler Meats is 100% Canadian meat! There are no by products added to any of our wieners, smokies or sausages. All of our products have no MSG added, and are gluten and allergen free.


Winkler Meats

All our products are gluten free.



Mar 30 2020

Comfort Foods While in Self-Isolation

Whether you’re isolating yourself because you have to for health reasons or you’re doing it for the greater good of the community, we all could use some comfort foods while we figure out our new normal, right?   There’s j...

Feb 29 2020

Quick and Easy Meals Equals More Family Time

Do you wish you’d have more conversation and meaningful time with your kids? It’s time to bring everyone back to the dinner table. Studies show that 70% of meals are eaten away from home, which means families today are missing...

Nov 12 2019

We Want to Meat Your Fundraising Goals

Do you work with an organization that does fundraising? Are you looking for an effective fundraiser that's easy to put on, rewarding, and benefits everyone involved? Winkler Meats has a Manitoba-grown fundraiser that ticks a...