Winkler Meats Valley Lea Farms Berkshire Sired Pork

April 18 2019

At Winkler Meats, we make it our mission to bring you the best high-quality meat products.  We pride ourselves in the sourcing and production of our meats.  Berkshire Sired Pork is well known for its even marbling, reddish pink colouration, and an exemplary texture, which makes it seem to “melt” in your mouth.

Winkler’s Berkshire Sired Pork is one hundred percent Canadian.  Our sources take great care in raising their animals, feeding them a grain diet and housing them in groups.  Careful records mean that their lineage is traceable, ensuring that quality control starts before birth.  While it’s true that we stake our reputation to all of our products, we know that the reputation of Berkshire Sired Pork requires that special care be taken all the way through the preparation of the meat, preserving the characteristics that set it apart from other meats.

These meats are considered among the best in the world, and Winkler is pleased to add them to our product offerings. And the taste!  The reason that Berkshire Sired Pork is prized is for it’s distinctive and unparalleled flavour.

Don’t just take our word for it.  Look for Winkler Meats Valley Lea Farms Berkshire Sired Pork products wherever our fine meats are sold.