Comfort Foods While in Self-Isolation

March 30 2020

Whether you’re isolating yourself because you have to for health reasons or you’re doing it for the greater good of the community, we all could use some comfort foods while we figure out our new normal, right?


There’s just something about indulging in home-cooked meals made from high-quality ingredients that make our hearts sing and let’s face it, we could all use a little help in that department right now. With the right ingredients and a few simple recipes, you can have healthy comfort food that helps transport your mind back to more comforting and easier times.


Stock up on a few favorite ingredients and you’ll have home-cooked comfort food right at your fingertips throughout our quarantined period.


Choose High-Quality Ingredients


First, make sure your comfort food choices are made with high-quality ingredients, especially lean proteins. The right proteins help you stay full longer, which will reduce the risk of boredom eating, which most of us are guilty of these days. The last thing you want is to come out of this quarantine with the need to buy an entirely new wardrobe because you ate your way through your emotions.


Lean proteins made from quality cuts of meat offer incredible nutrients and help you eat less because you’ll fill up faster. Combine those lean proteins with fresh veggies, whole grain carbs, and lots of cheese to get that comforting feeling that you desire.


Go for Salty Rather than Sweet


There’s something to be said about the comfort of foods with a bit of a salty nature. Yes, many of us have a sweet tooth, but who likes the ‘sugar crash’ that occurs when the ‘sugar high’ wears off? That doesn’t do much for mood regulation during this time.


Instead, choose hearty foods with a salty nature to give you that satisfying feeling of good old comfort. Think of foods that you can include hearty proteins, plenty of cheese and sour cream and then choose your favorite comforting ingredients, such as pierogis, pasta, or sourdough bread. You can make some pretty amazing recipes with just these few ingredients!


Get Cooking


Once you have the necessary ingredients (it’s not a lot), get cooking! What better way to lift your mood than to cook your own comfort foods? You’ll feel transported back to a time when your mom cooked you food to make you feel better.


Use this quiet time at home to try new recipes and incorporate new foods into your life. If there’s one thing food can do, it can make you feel good. Try out our featured recipes and see how they can make you feel good too!


Don’t let the self-isolation get you down. Whether medically enforced or you are just following the rules to help flatten the curve, make the most of your time and enjoy some delicious food. This is a great time to bring out the chef in you that’s been hiding all along.